Who are the Little Somethings

Cora is sensitive and wears her emotion on her sleeve. She gives her love to others and is always working to show kindness. But she also is learning that she is to be able to control herself when her emotions start taking over. Cora and Al are a team who work together learning about themselves and how to treat others. 

The brains of the operation, he is learning every day. He is smart and always thinking about solutions, but like all brains, can have trouble focusing and sometimes gets things wrong. Cora helps him by teaching him that it’s ok and it’s all part of thinking.

Spark is a magical little being. They show up sometimes when you least expect it, helping Alberto come up with creative and fun ideas!

We all fall at one time or another. And that’s who Blue is. Blue teaches us that boo-boos, whether physical or emotional, are a fact of life and that we’ll get better.

Nothing beats a good laugh. That’s where Chuckles comes in. He always makes us smile, even when we might be hurt or feel sad.