About us!

Little Somethings was created as a way for parents to give kids a little extra love and kindness, and to remind them of the power of empathy and courage, no matter what the situation.  

The brainchild of Jessica Patel and Niki Offutt, longtime college friends. Jessica had been talking to Niki about how she made notes every morning for her kid, and Niki said she did the same thing, but with pictures, which both agreed could be really time consuming. So they decided to team up and help out parents (and kids) to make it easy to show a bit of kindness, encouragement and love when they can’t be there. 

Little Somethings is more than just note cards — it’s a way of being. Note cards are designed to be shared with friends who might need a pick me up, and each of our items is to help understand our emotions and feelings, and to build compassion and empathy.